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Chess festival 2013 - introduction

Dear chessfriends,

It is an honour to me to welcome you on the official website of the Chess festival Brno 2013, which belongs to the most important chess action in the South Moravia. Over the years this tournament reached the stable position in the overfull Czech tournament calendar.

This year we have decided to once again return to the tradition of closed tournaments and we are going to organize 1 or 2 closed master tournaments for 10 participants. A new feature of the Chess festival Brno 2013 is, that the games of closed tournaments will be broadcast live on the our web site. As in previous years, we prepare two OPEN tournaments - FIDE Open A (included on FRL and LOK) and Open B tournament, which will be included on national ELO (LOK).

The tournaments will run in part of reconstructed sports hall of Sokol Řečkovice where, we trust that we will created pleasant and dignified atmosphere for all participants of tournaments. The detailed information you can find in the separate specifications of tournaments.

Please allow me, to give thanks to all our partners, without their help this tournaments will be impossible to realize.

I hope, that in the same way as in previous years you will find, in this hurried time, free time and you will take part in Chess festival Brno 2013, on which I allow to invite you on behalf of Duras chess club.

                                                                                                        Ing. Rudolf Moulis, CSc.
                                                                                              Chairman of ŠK DURAS BVK – Královo Pole